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About the Havanese:

The American Kennel Club standard describes the Havanese as a small, sturdy dog of immense charm with a friendly disposition. The coat is light, silky and comes in many colors. Known in the past as the Havana Silk Dog, Spanish Silk Poodle, Bichon Havanese and Bichones Habaneros, they are cousins of the Maltese, the Bichon Frise, Coton duTulear and the Bolognese. They share many of the same characteristics: non-shedding and odorless and seem well suited to people with allergies.

Much has been written about the Havanese’s appearance in Cuba several hundred years ago and they do have a romantic history, often cloaked in mystery, involving the upper classes of Cuba, sea captains and the Cuban Revolution. They have evolved from a pampered lapdog of the aristocracy to the family companion and children’s playmate of today.

Dorothy Goodale was instrumental in restoring this rare breed to the former glory that it enjoyed in its native Cuba. In the 1970’s, she found 11 dogs in the United States, the beginnings of Havanese breeding here. They were fully accepted into the American Kennel Club in 1999.

Being a true companion dog, a Havanese wants to be with their human family members even to accompanying them into the privacy of the family bathroom. And we, humans, in return often spoil them rotten. Easily trained (they were once imported to Europe for use as circus performers), they do want to please their owners and readily comply with commands as they learn. They seem to bark less than most small dogs but we have one that didn’t read that part of the manual!! Ever alert, they will let you know when someone is approaching, but calm right down when the stranger is accepted into the home!! Early socialization is necessary for their development as happy, friendly companions.

View a fun Havanese Video from Animal Planet: Havanese Video

About Us
We are Peggy and Stanley Shafferman and live in Birmingham, Alabama close to the Cahaba River. Cahawba is the Indian spelling. We are members of the Southern Magnolia Havanese Club and the Birmingham Kennel Club and adhere to their codes of ethics.

Little did I know when Stanley bought our first Havanese that I would end up with several more. These charming dogs stole our hearts. We spend lots of time watching their funny antics—they love to entertain us!

We breed only to improve; we health test and breed for structure, health and temperament. We show our dogs and breed championship Havanese who have passed the required health tests.

We will occasionally have puppies for sale.

Our dogs live in the house with us where they enjoy all the privileges of our home.